Gastric tincture - Red Orange - 470 g

  • Nalewka żołądkowa - Czerwona Pomarańcza- 470 g

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  • Nalewka żołądkowa - Czerwona Pomarańcza- 470 g


Ready set for preparing gastric liqueurs. Liqueur, in addition to taste, has a strengthening, bacteriostatic effect, improves digestion and tones the stomach.

Preparation: pour the content of the packaging into a jar / bottle, pour 2 liters of alcohol and set aside in a dark place for approx. 4-5 weeks of ripening.

Ingredients: sugar, candied sugar, hibiscus, orange peel, apple, aroma, citric acid, orange slices, candies (sugar, glucose syrup, citric acid, aroma, dye: paprika extract).



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