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  • Ning-Hong exp 30



Ninghong Health Protection Tea contains valuable amino acids. They help regulate fat metabolism. Vitamins contained in tea help detoxify the body. Poison deposits are effectively removed from the body. The infusion of this excelent blend has wonderful antioxidant properties. This means that tea supports removing free radicals. It is therefore invaluable in cancer prevention. Ninghong Health Protection Tea extremely effectively affects the appearance of the skin. It is indicated for obesed people in order to reduce their body weight, obstruction of the urinary tract, heart, kidney and liver diseases, constipation, bad breath and scabies. The tea has an unusual ingredient: yam rhizome. It has anti-inflammatory and diuretic effect. Ninghong Protection Tea also cleanses the kidneys and urinary tract. Senna contained in the tea has laxative properties, which supports slimming and frees the digestive tract from deposits. In addition, hawthorn berries have a diastolic effect on the smooth muscles of blood vessels, increase blood flow. They lower blood pressure.



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