Ahmad Funktional Tea Beauty 02039 - 20 tea bags

  • Ahmad Funkcjonalna Beauty 02039 - koperta 20 alu

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  • Ahmad Funkcjonalna Beauty 02039 - koperta 20 alu


Beauty - a radiant look and natural glow are a sign of health. Aloe vera content helps maintain healthy skin, and carob adds a natural cocoa flavor.
A real mask that works from the inside.
Verbena, lemongrass, nettle, ginger, licorice root or vitamin C guarantee well-nourished skin. It also supports its elasticity and hydration.

Ingredients: nettle, lemon verbena leaves, lemon balm, lemongrass, roasted chicory root, linden flowers, roasted carob, rose petals, aloe granules, peach juice granules, aroma


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