Almonds in chocolate with cinnamon

  • Draże - Migdały w mlecznej czekoladzie z cynamonem

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  • Draże - Migdały w mlecznej czekoladzie z cynamonem


Almonds in excellent quality, Belgian white chocolate with cinnamon by Barry Callebaut.

This chocolate is perfectly combined with candied fruit and dried fruit. Its excellent quality is confirmed by the high content of cocoa mass (over 46%).

It contains valuable minerals such as iron, copper, magnesium and phosphorus. It increases mental performance, provides a good mood and reduces stress.

High temperature and humidity as well as sudden temperature changes are not good for chocolate products.


When air temperatures are above 24°C, chocolate dragees are only being sold on the customer's responsibility.


Chocolate dragees storage conditions:


- store at a constant room temperature (max. 24°C) and do not expose to sudden temperature changes (for example - turning on the air conditioning during the day and switching it off at night may cause the surface to become mat), do not store in refrigerators

- store the chocolate in shady and unexposed places, otherwise fat eruptions may appear (white coating on products) may appear on them, which negatively affect the appearance and gloss of the product

- keep away from other products with intense aromas: soap, perfumes, cheese, as fragrances can penetrate the chocolate.



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