“Spichlerz” Ginger syrup 330 ml

  • Spichlerz Syrop imbirowy 330 ml

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  • Spichlerz Syrop imbirowy 330 ml


“Spichlerz” Ginger syrup 330 ml


Ingredients: ginger, sugar, water.

100% natural product - Polish product

100% natural ginger syrup. No dyes, preservatives, artificial flavors or added water.

The syrup is perfect for making drinks, as an addition to tea, water, cocktails, cakes, desserts.

It does not contain preservatives, no added water. It is perfect as an addition to tea in winter and to add flavor to water in summer.



    • Pasteurized product.
    • Store in a cool, shaded place and refrigerate after opening.



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    Smaczny i niedrogi syrop. Używam do mieszanki z korzeniami na przeziębienie.

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