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  • Sencha Japońska Oryginalna

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  • Sencha Japońska Oryginalna


Sencha Japanese green tea is the most popular tea in the Country of Cherry Blossoms. It has a unique, vegetable, salty taste defined by some "umami".

Extremely sweet in aroma after throwing leaves into a hot teapot. The brew has a green, celadon color. The first gentle brewing, the flavors of green vegetables and nuts prevail. Second expressive brewing, the tea reaches its fullness, there are grassy accents. The third brew pulls to the end what was hidden in the leaves, there is a slight astringency in the middle and the sides of the tongue, grassy accents predominate.

Prefecture of origin: Kagoshima

Style: Asamushi - lightly steamed

Cultivar: Yabukita - the most popular Japanese cultivar


Brew 2 grams of tea in 200ml water at 70 ° C.


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